Building Communities, Promoting Citizenry

Youth Programs

There are a lot of issues that our growing community faces, from public education to transportation. Faith, Hope and Love Community Outreach Center works at the ground level, helping bring residents together to smooth out issues and create bright spots. Our association offers programs and creates events that are meant to unify us in working together for the greater good.

Community Diversity

Neighborhood Events

Diversity and inclusiveness are important ingredients for a healthy and vibrant society. Nature thrives when the environment is diverse, so does a community. Faith, Hope and Love Community Outreach Center is dedicated to broadening the understanding of the different backgrounds and people that make up our neighborhoods. Diversity boosts innovation and bridges the gap of public growth in communities and in return it furnishes a large part of healthy friendships throughout the country. Each child or teen should witness togetherness in the eyes of all humanity while traveling along the path of adulthood. 


Faith, Hope and Love Community Outreach Center was founded for purpose; enhancing the youth with the ability to overcome challenges academically in a learning environment developed to conquer fears, build character, and to institute programs designed for youth development and organization. Our goal is to equip our youth with the skills needed for a successful future in education, chosen career paths, and higher learning. As a curriculum-based community outreach with foundations built for trust, we are certain to align each participant with knowledgeable concepts in Mentoring for Leadership, Counseling on Life Skills, College Readiness, Workforce Development, and Financial Literacy. Success is only measurable by proven results and the future of our youth are able to attain the right measures for a lifetime of sustainability in making a global contribution for leadership.

Core Values
Committed to excellence in education for a diversified world of opportunities
Providing innovative programs with proven results for global competition
Developing dynamic leaders with attainable skills for an economic impact

Nothing brings people together like a well-planned party or event. Faith, Hope and Love Community Outreach Center hosts numerous fun-filled events and community gatherings throughout the year. From bike tours with #BikeDivas,INC, to clothing drives, feeding the homeless, partnering with Suited for Change a non-profit who provides attire to low-income mothers in transition of starting a new career, Changing Destinations a youth mentoring organization providing students with scholarships and events that help raise awareness for issues affecting the community.