As the founder of Faith, Hope and Love Community Outreach Center Shameka N. Taylor has experienced her fair share of the good, the bad, and the ugly but through it all she has reamined true to the call over her life. "Born with Purpose" she has never given up on her hopes and her dreams, as a child she knew there was much more to life than standing still and refusing to help. Her boldness and compassion at heart attracts so many from all over to engage in many of her events that involve encouragement, purpose, surrendering, and "Embracing Who You Are". Leading is one thing but serving truly empowers this young lady to keep pressing forward for change. Like so many that aspire her to inspire she believes although there is only one orginal many have paved the way for her to take a stand and to make a difference for the next generation of leaders.

In the likeness of Angela Davis, Maya Angelou or Ms. Oprah Winfrey they too have experienced defeat but they never allowed there cahracter to become defeated. She values greatness and knows that the road ahead for her may endure obstacles and set-backs but through perserverance she is willing to make a global change for a brighter future. 

Shameka N. Taylor

Founder of Faith, Hope and Love Community Outreach Center